Belmont Open Space Initiative

A Natural Urban Environment Development Project Along Chicago's Belmont Avenue Corridor.

Proposed Locations

8 Vacant Lots in 1.1 Miles 

1840 W. Belmont – View from Front

   1840 W. Belmont 

This property was recently identified as a potential location for the Belmont Open Space Initiative.  This unused land was located behind a high fence and not visible from the sidewalk.   After some careful investigating, the weed situation indicates that the land is in run-down and in disuse.  However, the fence surrounds both the lot AND the adjacent buildings (including garage) indicating a single property (double lot).  This could be problematic because the spaces are not separated.  On the flip side, the owners might be interested in minimizing the space they have to keep up and allow us to divide the space.   All of this is speculation currently until initial contact is made with the owners.  If anyone has any information regarding this property, please contact us at!

1908 W. Belmont – View from the Distance

1908 W. Belmont

This property is our main focus at the moment and hopefully the first acquisition of the Belmont Open Space Initiative.  Currently, the property is in the foreclosure process with the City of  Chicago.  We will know more information regarding the pending proceedings in the upcoming weeks.   The Belmont Open Space Initiative plans to seek support from the Alderman of the 32 Ward to use this land as a public space.



2207 W. Belmont

2207 W. Belmont

This vacant lot was once the site of a three-story building; 2 apartments and a storefront.   The street view of this property on Google Maps shows a very dilapidated building.  I assume that either a developer bought the property or the city condemned the property and tore it down.  Regardless, the lot is in terrible shape and there is no indication of any development plans in the near future.





2310 or 2312 W. Belmont

2310 or 2312 W. Belmont

Located adjacent to the 2316 W. Belmont double vacant lot, sits another potential space.  This lot is for sale and is moderately developed.  It appears to be a side lot or garden connected to the 2308 W. Belmont property.  This area is fenced in quite nicely and could function as a great natural playscape, community gathering/event space or demonstration garden.





2316 W. Belmont

2316 W. Belmont

This location has been empty for a long time.  Initial research indicates that it is owned by a development company in Grayslake, IL.  This site has a lot of potential for a community garden with individual plots. The property is a double or perhaps triple lot in fairly decent shape.  The owners mow the lawn, keep the weeds at bay and manage to keep the property free of litter.  However, the fence is in disrepair indicating that this land has sat empty for quite some time.


2706 or 2708 W. Belmont 

2706 or 2708 W. Belmont

A giant vacant lot (at least a triple lot) situated on the corner of Belmont and Washtenaw Avenue (one block East of California).  It has been sitting vacant for some time, the fence is broken in several areas and land is a weed patch.  Possibly a development site in the early part of the 2000’s.  The location is ideal for a community garden and The Belmont Open Space Initiative would like to target it immediately.





Lot between 2732 and 2720 W. Belmont

Lot located between 2732 and 2720 W. Belmont

Another unusual site, the land between the addresses of 2732 and 2720 is partially being used as a large machine (backhoe) storage area.  However, the majority of the land facing the sidewalk is vacant and  run-down; weeds, over-grown shrubs and dirt dominate the landscape.   The location of the gate, materials present and lack of any identifying features make it difficult to tell who owns or uses the land.  However, the lot sits on a wonderful block and has a sturdy fence making it a potential candidate.




2746 W. Belmont 

2746 W. Belmont

This lot is adjacent to a large, relatively new apartment complex and was possibly purchased to add more units to the building.  The fencing matches that of the apartment building, yet the lot is completely enclosed by it’s own separate fence.  The land is very run-down and an eye-sore; no one has put any effort into caring for the land.

*** Additional photos for all proposed sites are temporarily unavailable ***

Sorry for the inconvenience, we expect to have them uploaded shortly.


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The Belmont Open Space Initiative is an attempt to reclaim the vacant lots along Chicago’s Belmont Avenue between Ashland and Kedzie. It is our goal to restore the dilapidated plots into healthy natural urban environments accessible to the community.

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