Belmont Open Space Initiative

A Natural Urban Environment Development Project Along Chicago's Belmont Avenue Corridor.

Potential Sites?

An alert reader just notified us of a potential site/vacant lot on 457 W. Roscoe.  If anyone knows any information regarding this property, please send send an email to   Also, we would love to identify more potential sites so shoot us an email, attach a picture, make suggestions…. we love to hear from you!


One comment on “Potential Sites?

  1. Michelle Lukezic
    October 29, 2012

    Roughly at 2600 W. Montrose there is a big overgrown lot of nothing-ness. It is just east of the River. Thoughts?

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The Belmont Open Space Initiative is an attempt to reclaim the vacant lots along Chicago’s Belmont Avenue between Ashland and Kedzie. It is our goal to restore the dilapidated plots into healthy natural urban environments accessible to the community.

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